Monday, January 9, 2012


{Shirt: Frenchi, Bag: Steve Madden, Jeans: Hudson, Jewelry: Forever21}

There's something about a white button down that always makes you look effortlessly put together. I love wearing mine that I got last weekend, it's definitely a staple for everyone's wardrobe. Here I go again with the bib necklaces... is it possible to be obsessed with a trend? On another note, this is the first time I've ever worn lipstick (besides raiding my mom's makeup drawer as a little girl). I decided that I should have at least one tube of red lipstick just in case I should need it. Turns out, I liked wearing the shade, but I think I'll reserve it for a special occasion (I'm more of a chapstick or lip gloss kinda girl). Do you wear bold shades on a regular basis?


  1. LOVE your outfit and LOVE the gold watches and bangles, SO CUTE! That lipstick color is super cute too :)

  2. I love the white top with gold jewelry.. very crisp. Have a great day!

    XX Hilary

  3. Definitely agree, love white button downs. Cute purse too! xo

  4. Ellen,
    You look BEAUTIFUL!
    ~Vanilla Latte Lady