Thursday, November 24, 2011


The holidays always come with feelings of nostalgia, remembering the good times I had as a kid at thanksgiving and christmas. Things have changed now, and I've grown up but that just means there are more memories to be made. Usually around this time my family would pack up and go to the Oregon coast for thanksgiving to stay with friends that have a bed and breakfast, but for the last few years we've gone to have thanksgiving with family that live in Mukilteo, not even 30 mins away. Each year we say what we're thankful for and this year, this is my list:

1. Family (blood relatives and friends that I consider family)
2. Opportunities I've been given (the ability to travel overseas, school and work)
3. Great friends
4. A home to live in and food on the table
5. My moms orange rolls
6. This blog and everyone who reads it!

I hope you all had a fantastic thanksgiving full of delicious food and good company :)

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