Monday, December 26, 2011


{Shirt & bracelets & watch: Forever21, Bag: B.P., Pants: Jolt}

After a relaxing weekend with family, I was ready to start this week (not pleased about going back to work, but ready) on a fresh note. I hope everyone had a good Monday! I last wore these pants here, they're very comfortable and I usually save them for my casual/lazy days. Today was one of those fairly casual days. I love the vibrancy of this shirt, along with this one which is equally vivid. As you may be able to tell, it was raining for a majority of the day here in Washington. All I want is some sun! Apparently, that is too much to ask for, I guess I need to move! Keeping my things dry is important, and possible with this great, fuctional bag. When I look for large purses I often lean towards ones that are structured, but still trendy. Do you prefer large structured bags or smaller ones?

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  1. Large structured bags! Definitely! And I just need to say that I am so jealous of your accessories! I love them all in every post!