Wednesday, February 8, 2012


{Shirt: H&M, Shoes: Target, Jeans: Jolt, Watch & Bracelets: Forever21}

I've been lusting after polka dots for quite some time now, actually, it's turned into a mild obsession. However, this is the only actual polka dot thing I own. I was on such a quest to find the perfect polka dot blouse, that all of the ones I was seeing didn't live up to my expectations... until I saw this one. My color options were red or blue and since the red one vaguely reminded me of Ronald McDonald I opted for the blue (I tend to always gravitate towards blue tones anyways). Anywho, I wanted to toughen up the billowy blouse with these edgier, chain-like sandals. So what if it was 45 degrees out? It was sunny and, for me, that's enough to break out the summer fashioned footwear. Are any of you obsessing over any trends?


  1. I'm totally into polka dots right now! This is super cute...why won't H & M go online, already?!

    1. I'm wondering the same thing! They would get so many more sales! ...From me for sure!

  2. oooh...LOVE that top. navy and white is an adorable color combination :) I was just at H&M and found a lot of really great things. I'm often hit or miss for a lot of stuff at H&M, but I think they do tops and accessories really well all the time!