Sunday, October 30, 2011


 {Mosaic candle I found on sale at Pier 1, currently sitting atop a stack of books on my night stand. So pretty!}

 {These are meant to hold jewelry but I think I like them as decorations, however, I have yet to find the perfect place for them.}

 {This book is a great way to dress up your coffee table! I love fashion books and I have many of them. This one is about 100 unforgettable dresses over time, obviously, but it also talks about the way each dress was made, and the stories behind them.}
{A cuff I bought this weekend at Forever21. I'm currently obsessed with it and find myself trying to wear it with everything!} 

{We bought these shower curtain rings a while back, but I still love them! They add extra sparkle to the bathroom, which is always needed!}

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