Friday, October 28, 2011


 {All ingredients needed!}
 {Cookie dough, my favorite part of making cookies!}
 {Pressing down the cookies with a glass}
 {Flattened cookies ready for the oven}
 {Vanilla frosting mixed with red food dye}
 {Fresh out of the oven!}
{Finished cookies; DELICIOUS!}

I don't think there is an easier recipe for cookies than this one, it only needs three ingredients! It uses cake batter which makes the cookies unbelieveably soft and moist. I used to love the super soft pink cookies from the store, and now I'm beyond excited that I can make them on my own! I'm thinking of doing variations of this cookie for upcoming parties. Maybe adding peanut butter to a chocolate recipe, or making themed ones for the holidays. Either way, you HAVE to try these soon! What is your favorite cookie recipe?

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