Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I saw these shoes as Emily wore them on her blog. They look like something I would wear! Except, I wanted them to be close-toed and I think that I would wear them more if they didn't have studs all over the wedge.. so I had the brilliant idea of recreating them, giving my own spin on the shoes! Here's how I did it for under $35.

{Here are a pair of black booties that I bought at TJ Maxx for $30}

{Thumb tacks that I bought for $2} 

{Pushing thumb tacks into the sole of the shoe... easier said then done, but possible! It helps if you push in the thumb tack as much as you can and then gently hammer it into the sole}

{Continue pushing in pins around the edge of the shoe and... Voila! Close-toed, less embellished version of the Jeffery Campbell wedges!}

Do you ever make your own version of clothes or shoes?


  1. great diy! did you stop at 2 layers or did you follow emily's shoes exactly?

    thanks for visiting my blog!!