Monday, November 21, 2011


{This is a watch I recently purchased on sale! I love it and wear it all the time, now I don't have an excuse for being late!}

{I fell in love with this frame the moment I saw it! I'm not sure where I'll put it but it will be put to use ASAP!}

{New years eve dress?! I think so! I bought this one-shoulder number and immediately wished I was going to NYC for new years... sigh... one day!}

{We have seemed to have skipped fall and headed straight into winter this year. This is our first dusting of snow here in the Seattle area.}

{I bought this tray recently and I love how it holds my bracelets! It's such a fun way to display jewelery!}

{I was so excited when it started snowing here! When you have no where to go but the couch with a hot cup of tea, snow is the ideal winter weather. It made for a beautiful morning! I love how the glass on the clock is frosted over.}

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  1. Hmm...this clock looks familiar =). Wish we hadn't missed our first snow...maybe it will happen again this weekend.